Our corporate marketing programs enable the Embark Group to promote our clients’ brand and corporations. Our brand ambassadors deliver professional on-site campaigns to thousands of employees for local and national exposure and allow event host corporations to provide their employees with purchasing options.

"Our promotional and corporate expertise enables the Embark Group to get clients’ brands and products in front of customers with significant buying power".


The Embark Group has developed relationships with leading retailers putting products in highly visible retail locations for tremendous brand exposure to tens of thousands of prospective buyers, creating supplemental income for the retailer. Each campaign includes professionally designed and developed displays and highly-trained sales representatives who represent each client with expertise and intuition for getting results.

"Our wide-reaching team of in-store lead specialists will create awareness and a buzz for your brand"



We use our expertise and market research and the power of our sales team to engage local businesses to promote our clients brands. This method generates increased customer awareness and is highly beneficial for reactivating lapsed clients.

"Put the power of our team to work on your behalf through business-to-business canvassing that gets results"


We guarantee the widest reach and fastest market saturation. The Embark Group’s expertise is in developing customized sales solutions that promote our clients’ brands to the right targeted audiences to develop and sustain greater brand awareness, acquire and retain large customer bases, and generate game-changing sales for all of our clients, For each new campaign, we employ our sales planning expertise in a joint effort with the client, our corporate executives, and a dedicated national sales consultant. Our years of experience in corporate development, up-to-the-minute hands on field knowledge, and branding expertise, deliver results. The results have proven to offer, high conversion rates that address sales and marketing needs with the most personalized and effective campaign possible using one or more of the following channels.

​"The Embark Group’s is an industry leading innovator that develops customized sales solutions for each client"​