Prior to college, Michael started his first business in Antiques. After graduating college with a degree in Business Administration and a strong emphasis in Sales & Marketing, Michael set out on his entrepreneurial path to make a statement in corporate America.  Michael began in the direct sales industry by selling AT&T services door-to-door.

In June 2011 after achieving sales awards and industry recognition, Michael was now able to start his own sub-dealer company, Accsell Inc., with AT&T in Cleveland Ohio. Not only was he now managing one of the largest most successful direct sales offices for AT&T, but his company was also recognized as one of the TOP BUSINESSES TO WORK FOR IN 2014 by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Between 2012 and 2014 Michael's success was recognized once again by the industry, awarding him with his picture on the cover of "Leadership" Magazine for being a “Rising Star” in the industry. Michael's Leadership, Sales and Marketing abilities were now a recipe for success as he owned and operated 7 direct sales offices with over 70 associates and managers.

​In 2014, Michael was offered the opportunity to open direct sales offices for Verizon, Constellation, Tiger Natural Gas and Century Link. Throughout 2014 Michael opened seven Accsell offices, in Cleveland Ohio, St. Louis Missouri, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Tucson Arizona, Riverside California and Long Beach California.

By 2015, Michael had learned the ins and outs to the Mobility, Security, Energy, and Telecom direct sales industries.  In 2015, Michael launched The Embark Group Inc., an investor-backed direct dealer for large fortune 500 clients, which now handles all the backend client support for independent business owners for several different campaigns.

 As a direct dealer, Embark now offers the highest commissions in the industry and more efficient back office support for its sub dealers.


David R. Kandell, President, Principal, Founder


Michael Gross, CEO,

Principal, Founder


David has successfully held a number of President and other Senior Management positions in some very recognizable companies. He specializes in new business development, sales & marketing, operations management and brand development.

He believes that the number one resource and asset in every company are their associates. A cornerstone to his success has been his ability to understand people well and use that in influencing and persuading others to act. He has an exceptional track record of building companies by increasing sales, restructuring ineffective processes, improving procurement costs, team development, training and new business development.

His strong leadership abilities span over a 30 year career in diverse industries such as: Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware & Software, Wealth Management, Insurance and Finance. David is financially educated and P&L responsible. He is proficient at identifying, analyzing and simplifying complex problems and improving the bottom line results with a sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done. 

David is very knowledgeable of digital marketing and using social media to accelerate a company's sales and media presence. David has previously served as President and part of the executive team behind the brand development, growth and marketing for Stereo Magic, Cal-Circuits Abco (The parent and founding company of Packard Bell Electronics/Computers, Reveal Computer Products and Legend Memory Products,), Drive Storage Technology (DST), Diverse Financial Corporation and NewConceptz.

David intends to be the driving force behind the team that makes The Embark Group a major factor in the direct sales industry.

On a personal note, David has been a recording Jazz Drummer for many years. He is still very active in the Jazz Scene. He takes great pride in being a Sponsor, Ambassador and Host of the Summer Concert Series, at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, California since 2010.