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The Embark Group was formed in 2014 and specializes in outsourced face-to-face direct sales and marketing. We provide individual solutions for the best and most recognized Fortune 100 & 500 clients in Internet Services, Telecom, Wireless, Entertainment, Energy and Solar in the world. The Embark Group manages all aspects of implementing sales and marketing campaigns that exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. 

Michael Gross, now CEO of the Embark Group started his first direct sales office with AT&T in Cleveland Ohio in 2010. Michael's success with 
Accsell was evident as he was awarded the "Rising Star Award" for his outstanding accomplishments. He was now managing one of the largest most successful direct sales offices for AT&T.

Between 2012 and 2014 Michael's success was recognized once again by the industry, awarding him with his picture on the cover of "Leadership" Magazine. Michael's Leadership, 
Sales, and Marketing abilities were now a recipe for success as he operated 7 direct sales offices with over 70 associates and managers.  In 2014 Accsell was terminated as sub-dealer for AT&T due to the Direct Dealers contract being canceled

In 2014 Michael joined forces with David R.
Kandell, President to form of the Embark Group, Inc. David has an exceptional track record of building companies by increasing sales, restructuring ineffective processes, improving procurement costs, team development, training, and new business development. 

David has previously served as President and part of the executive team behind the brand development, growth and marketing for Stereo Magic, Cal-Circuits
Abco, (The parent and founding company of Packard Bell Electronics/Computers, Reveal Computer Products and Legend Memory Products,) DVD.com, Drive Storage Technology (DST), Diverse Financial Corporation and NewConceptz. 

The Embark Group is now strategically positioned with an “Award Winning” industry experienced direct sales team, recruiters, and marketing group to focus on immediately developing our clients' Direct Sales in Los Angeles.

We work with B2B, residential, special event, trade show, convention, street fair and small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses to help them either get started or expand into new territories. Start your next chapter now.

No business is an island – we know that better than anyone. We're always looking for new partners to complement our services and business.


If you have a product line that requires the absolute best in Face-To-Face direct sales representation, we offer the ultimate in customized sales and marketing solutions.


Michael Gross, CEO,

Principal, Founder


David R. Kandell, President, Principal, Founder